July 4th, 2012; Minxin Pei on Chinese Political “Re-Balancing”

The McAlvany Weekly Commentary
with David McAlvany and Kevin Orrick

Kevin: Today, David, our guest, looking more at the political side of the Chinese question, is Minxin Pei.

David: Juxtaposed against such massive and largely positive economic and social changes, however, is China’s political system. Despite more than two decades of rapid socioeconomic changes, the core features of a Leninist party state remain essentially unchanged. The pace of political change has significantly lagged behind that of economic progress.

Minxin, several years ago, you penned that, yes, there is a way forward economically in terms of the economic reforms that need to take place in China, but there are a number of political barriers – the Chinese political system, itself, even. That is where we would like to start today, with an exploration. In past weeks we have covered China and its economic challenges.

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